What is the cost per square foot of a semi-custom or custom home?

There are so many variables in the cost of a home of any size such as design, construction type and finishes that it is difficult to give a realistic cost per square foot unless all of the criteria are available. We do have cost records available for recently completed projects that will provide fairly accurate budget guidelines for a prospective client. Please contact us for more information.


What size homes to you build?

We have no limitations as to the size of the homes we build. Nothing is too small and simple and nothing is too large or complex.


Can you work with my architect or can you help me find one?

We willingly work with client's architects or can refer you to engineers, architects and designer with whom we have a long standing association.


Can I be involved with the construction on a daily basis?

Yes, we gladly work with our clients and encourage them to become as involved as they wish in the day to day process. Many of our clients have made changes during construction to insure that the finished home satisfies their expectations. Lf you do not wish to become closely involved, we will furnish you with progress updates to keep you fully informed throughout the entire process.


How is price controlled if I make changes?

Many of our clients prefer a cost-plus approach when developing the initial construction budget as well as making changes as work progresses. We provide our clients with an "open book" of costs so they can stay up to date as costs evolve over time.


Does Hamilton offer any Energy Conservation features?

Yes. We offer the latest in insulation techniques, energy efficient high SEER heat pumps and air conditioners, whole home lighting and energy management systems, lntegra Block.


Can I live on my project during the construction period?

Unfortunately the governing agency for all cities and counties prohibit habitation of any site until a certificate of occupancy is issued at the completion of a project.


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