Mark Allen CEqD Advanced Equine Dentistry
For the Health and Rideability of Your Horse
“It’s all about the balance”
Mark Allen is a certified equine dentist. He graduated from the Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry and is certified with the IAED (International Association of Equine Dentistry) With 13yrs of experience he is highly skilled in advanced equine dentistry including: extreme malocclusions (hook & wave complex, shear mouth, step mouth), correction of parrot mouths using the Riedinger procedure, and inter oral moral extractions. He also attends continuing education every year to strengthen is knowledge even further of equine dentistry, and to keep his IAED certification current. Mark works on the high end performance horses to the back yard family pet. No matter what the discipline, breed, or use each horse, mule, or mini is always given the 100% attention to detail that is needed. Education is very important to Mark, and he will always explain to every owner the problems their horse has, and how those problems affect their horse’s health, rideabilility, and trainability. Mark is also happy to let his clients feel their horse’s mouth before and after dentistry. Equine dentistry is far more than just the common “float” where the sharp points are rasped off. The equine mouth is a very intricate machine that has to be balanced correctly for the horse to be able to eat correctly and perform at the top of their game no matter what that might be. For their overall health and wellbeing their teeth have to be correct. Equine dentistry is a specialty and takes several hundred hours of schooling and hands on training to be a skilled and competent dentist. Not all dentists are created equal. Just because someone tells you they are a dentist that does not mean they are qualified. Even though a veterinarian went to school that does not mean they have the schooling and qualifications to make them skilled at equine dentistry. Do your homework! Equine dentistry is a specialty. Ask for references and schooling to make sure your equine professional is qualified to work on your horse no matter who they are. Your horse’s wellbeing depends on it!
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