Cactur Ridge Ranch
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Thank you for visiting Saguaro Ridge Ranch; a real Arizona working cattle ranch.

Saguaro Ridge Ranch is located along the banks of the San Pedro River, between the Galiuro Mountains and the Mount Lemmon Mountain Range. The ranch is approximately 70 miles from Tucson and about 145 miles from Central Phoenix. The ranch was named for the spectacular Saguaros scattered along the washes, ridges, hills and canyons. Truly, it’s an undisturbed canvas as you travel west from the headquarters.

We’re a small ranch. We have a small herd. We like small.

Saguaro Ridge Ranch is a cow/calf operation which raises a commercial herd of primarily Brangus cattle. We focus our attention on raising cattle for sale to stockers and individuals as natural/grass fed/range fed beef. We do not use grains or grain by products in our supplements and work to handle our cattle with respect and care at all times. We do not rope our cattle and use low stress handling techniques to work the cattle when necessary. We pre-condition our calves to ensure they have a healthy transition off our ranch whether they go to a feedlot or to a family. This ranch also offers replacement heifers to other ranches whenever possible. So keep us in mind for your cattle needs.


Our philosophy is simple; responsible ranching. We appreciate and care for the environment, natural resources, and our herd. Wildlife on the ranch is welcomed and encouraged to share our improvements. Our drinkers are equipped with escape ladders and safe access for all sizes of animals including birds. Our drinkers are routinely cleaned and maintained year round regardless if cattle are present or not. For the benefit of the range, motor vehicles are used only when necessary and on established roadways. There is very little vehicular access within our grazing ranges and horses are used, along with feed, to “move” cattle into holding facilities where they can be inspected and care can be given. We do everything in our power to leave minimal signs on the range and keep any improvement small and blended with its surroundings. Responsibility is a way of life, not a buzz word.

Saguaro Ridge Ranch is basically a one person operation. I say “we” because no person or business is able to exist without others and a few blessings. We work hard to value our neighbors along the river and help others whenever possible. Ranching is a lifestyle, not an occupation. Very few are able to do it for the money. Saguaro Ridge Ranch is not one of them.

Saguaro Ridge Ranch was bought on a dream; with a prayer and a down payment. We ranch because we enjoy it and have a passion for the life and the solitude. As a ranch, if we ever earn a profit I can assure you it won’t be much. Ranching has costs and the returns are small. That’s the simple fact of owning an Arizona cattle ranch; especially a small one. By now I think you understand, it’s not about the money.

Saguaro Ridge Ranch offers more than just cattle for sale. To horse owners the ranch is an opportunity to visit a working cattle ranch with their mounts and enjoy our scenic rangelands. There are lots of trails for horses both on and off our ranch within the San Pedro River area. We can accommodate the trail enthusiast and offer some pens, water, and a few other simple amenities, should you wish to camp overnight. If you do visit the area we hope you will stop in and say hi. Call before you leave so we can give you directions, answer your questions, and sweep off the welcome mat!

I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with quality beef and a new horseback destination for you and your group. Thanks again for visiting .

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